Does the age of your domain determine your Google rank?

A long discussed topic as a factor in the infamous algorithm is domain age. This factor may cast a gray shadow over a new website and their ensuing launch because of the fear that the domain “isn’t old enough” to be ranked by Google.

Domain age is a factor in the Google algorithm but shouldn’t be a key factor in your SEO equation. Google tries to use their data on when they they first crawl and/or see links to you site to determine the age factor. Relying on what WHOIS data that is available is some loose ground in terms of Google’s crawl.

All this comes back to what your site is and how you create content for it. So keep your resources to build good content that people want to link to and Google will find and rank your site. Don’t poor all your money into that 9 year old URL from the site auction and then just plop some content online. Focus on content, first and foremost.

Google’s stance on ranking by domain age.

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History of Search: Timeline

If you are a Internet junkie like me, then you will probably appreciate this graphic.

Tidbits like: Google officially took its namesake in 1997. As a research project at Stanford, it was called “BackRub”.

History of Search Engines.

Infographic by PPC Blog

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