Twitter Tip: How to Remove Yourself From Another User’s List

To prevent yourself from being on a Twitter list you must block the creator of that list.

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When Will I See the New Twitter?

Ev Williams, co-founder or Twitter,¬†¬†answered this is question in a recent #AskEv session on Twitter. The New Twitter is being rolled out worldwide to a randomly selection of users over the next few weeks. This cautious rollout schedule is smart measure on Twitter’s part. Most apps that have such a large user base rollout out in steps and I am sure that Twitter doesn’t want to show the FAIL Whale anymore than it already does.

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Soon Twitter’s User Stream Will Be Available To All

Q: Twitter User Stream. What is that?

A: In short, “User Streams provides real-time updates of all data needed to update a desktop application display”. A detailed explanation can be found on Twitter’s dev site.

I have been on the private beta testing of this API for a few weeks now, and I must say… real-time twitter feed in my TweetDeck is awesome. The open beta testing date hasn’t yet been announced, but is suggested to be available soon.

Read more detailed coverage at mashable.

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Add Tweet-stimonials (Twiiter Testimonials) to Your Blog

In a recent post by Ann Smarty at Search Engine Journal, Ann highlights the idea of utilizing Twitter for a testimonials feed on your blog. The idea is based upon obtaining the RSS feed for you Twitter favorites.

This ideology could be applied to a plethora of topics, but Ann specifically directs her attention to “testimonials” and how to add that feed to WordPress with a plugin. The use of the favorite RSS feed would not be limited to WordPress. RSS feeds are easily parsed and there are a number of tools and resources available for implementation across multiple platforms, not just WordPress.

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My Takeway on Krista Neher’s Social Media Presentation to SMC Evansville

Our (Social Media Club of Evansville) July meetup featured Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital, presenting information from her new book “Social Media Field Guide”. Krista’s presentation was full of tips, dos and don’ts, and helpful stats. We had a solid turnout, but I thought it beneficial to provide a round-up of the key points from the presentation (assembled from my notes).

First things first…

Social Media is not a new, the technology is

Social media has been in place for some time now. It’s the web technologies (Facebook, Twitter) and platforms (Smart Phones) that have made it the elephant in the room.

Don’t Make Social Media Time Consuming

Beginners to social media often become engulfed in the black hole time warp that social media can pull you in to. However, if developing an action plan for your social media efforts will leave you better positioned to manage your time.

Give yourself a few time slots to engage in social media and create a prioritized list, in order of importance, to keep yourself on track and out of the “bushes”.

You Don’t Have to Have a Profile on Every Social Media Network

Knowing your target audience and what networks they are on should be the determining factor in where to participate. If you are primarily in the B2B field then you should look at LinkedIn. In that same thought, if Twitter conversations do not include talk about you, your product(s)/service(s), or your industry, then Twitter is not the best network for you to communicate.

Social Media Websites are NOT as Youthful as You Think

There have been numbers to back this up for some time now, but people still have the stereotype or social media user = high school kid. When in fact, the fastest growing age group on Facebook is 55+. As of January 1, 2010 the age group of 35+ accounted for 40% or Facebook’s users. (sitation)

Infographic of who is using which social media sites.

Have a Social Media Stategy

Just like building a website or expanding search engine optimization efforts, you need to focus on CONTENT! Develop a content plan that will help in accomplishing your goals and provide value to your target audience. People will actively engage with you on social media networks if you provide benefit to them.

Think of how the interests of your target audience relates to you. Then create content that is useful and relevant; share information they cannot get anywhere else. Top 10 lists are a great to get people to redistribute your content. Industry tips and advice are good tools to build authority. Be an expert in your field. If you’re not… well, that’s another topic entirely.

Be Remarkable

Be interesting, intriguing, useful!

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